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Rotor Transition Plates, Bars & AFX88 Extension and Mid Extension Bars

Rotor Transition Plates:

Reclaim efficiency by rebuilding one of the most ignored and important feeding features on the rotor.

Rotor transition plates are for specialty or standard rotors

Part# KRTP60               And          Part # KRTP80

60 Series Rotor Transition Plates (set shown above) shipping weight 12 # per kit

80 Series Rotor Transition Plates(set shown above) shipping weight 22# per kit

Features and benefits:

  • rotor transition plates puts the feeding back in your rotor
  • decrease material stalling at transition cone/concave area
  • improves tank samples
  • increases ground speed/use less fuel
  • increase through put
  • works with all crops
  • easily bolts on with no rotor modifications
  • made from 1/2" heat treated steel for extended wear
  • improves crop material feeding with AFX style of impellers and Kile® rotor flight® impellers
  • installs while in your combine

Kile Rotor Transition Plates on worn OEM rotor plates

Installation KRTP60
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Installation KRTP80
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Rotor Transition Bars


Kile Rotor Transition Bars (Part # K 552)


Use two bars with the Flagship rotors by removing the two thresh bars located at the back of the cone and over the feedlip. By removing the thresh bars and replacing with the transition bars, the crop moves the material into the threshing area more efficiently. Part # K 552

These two images show zero row and the removal of a thresh bar and placement of the K552 bar on a flagship rotor. There are 2 thresh bars opposite each other, change both to the K 552 bar.





Use four bars with the early AFX rotors with a row zero located over the feed lip at the back of the cone. By removing the thresh bars from 'row zero' and replacing with the transition bars the crop will move material from the flights to the thresh bars in the threshing area more efficiently. Part # K 552


Extension & Mid Extension Bars for AFX88 Series Rotors:

Extension & Mid Extension Bars

Part #543/#544/Kit# 5434

Features and benefits:

  • Kile Extension & Mid Extension bars are made of cast chrome for extended wearability.
  • Bolt on replacements for OEM style extension bars
  • Fits on AFX 88 series rotors with factory welded on flight & mid-extension units.
  • (Flight transition bars are available for early style AFX rotors which do not have these weld on areas on the rotor-contact us if this is the type of rotor you have)
  • Our K 543 Flight Extension Bars fit between the rotorflightTM impellers on a rotor
  • Our K 544 Flight Extension Bars fit after the rotorflightTM impellers as a continuation of the flight
  • Our K 5434 Flight Extension Kit contains both Pairs of our Flight Extension Bars to fully convert this area to cast chrome parts
Installation K 5434 Kit
K 5434 Kit.pdf
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