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Rotor Thresh Bars

(Kile Thresh bars covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patent numbers

8,087,982; 8,475,247; 8,529,325; 8,602,856 and Patents Pending)

Straight/Separator Bars & Kicker Bars

Bars for AFX/Specialty Rotors, Standard Rotors & Case IH Small Tube Rotors

Improve rotor thresh with Kile bars for AFX/Specialty and small tube rotors. With the wider area, Kile rotor bars feed the crop to the concave to perform a more complete thresh. Threshing is the act of grain rubbing on grain.

K 506 Bar(Extended Rasp)

K 506-Extended rasp (for Specialty & AFX rotors)

The K 506 is an all purpose bar. It's extended rasped ramp, with aggressive face area, creates more crop contact allowing more crop to rub on itself. These deeper and wider rasps, on each bar, are aggressive yet gentle on the crop allowing the material to be 'managed' thru the threshing/separating system.

K 506-Extended rasp


  • wider bar section for crop feeding
  • 26% larger surface area per bar than OEM
  • 40 degree rasped ramp angle
  • 1.4 times larger surface area on ramp than OEM
  • wider and deeper extended rasps are aggressive yet gentle on crops
  • significantly reduces over thresh
  • reduces cracks and splits in seed coats
  • enhances the separation of material for a cleaner tank sample
  • works well in all crops, especially corn, beans and small grains
  • available in cast chrome alloy (high impact resistant) or ductile iron for excellent wearability

K 507 and K 507C Bars

K 507 (Spike with extended rasp)

Insert shows spike with carbide

K 507C(Carbide Spike with extended rasp)


Features and benefits of the K 507 bar:

  • High performance bars for Case IH AFX & Specialy rotors
  • More surface area for better separation
  • Requires less horsepower
  • Uses less fuel
  • Excellent wear ability
  • Caste chrome (high impact resistant)

Kile Straight Separator Bars

Kile Straight Separator Bars for AFX/Specialty style rotors. Made of Caste Chrome for exceptional wear. Part # K 4017

Kicker Bar

Part #K 1327

For Specialty and AFX style rotors (AFX8010; 1480; 1680/82/88; 2188; 2377/88; 2577/88; 5088; 6088; 7010/88; 7120; 8010; 8120; 9120)

Small Tube Rotor Thresh Bars

K 514 Bar

K 514 Small Tube Extended Rasp Bar

This thresh bar is all purpose, used from small seed & grain to corn and bean.

K 513C or K 513 Bar

K 513C Carbide Tip Small Tube Spike Bar

This thresh bar is available with (K513C) carbinde tip or without (K513). The carbide tip dramatically extends spike wear. This is the 'go-to' bar for rice.

K 515C Bar

K 515C Carbide Sharp Edge Small Tube Bar

This carbide sharp edge thresh bar is used when crop material needs to be 'sized' for better management in the concave or separating area. (Sizing assists in corn shuck shreading, green stem soy beans and rice balls for managing rotor loss.)

Features and benefits of the Kile® Small tube bars:

  • High performance bars for Case IH small tube rotors
  • More surface area for better separation
  • Requires less horsepower
  • Uses less fuel
  • Excellent wear ability
  • Caste chrome (high impact resistant)
  • With or without carbide tip spike on K513/K513C
  • K 515C Sharp with carbide reduces rotor loss by shredding corn shucks and rice balls
  • Carbide maintains spike integrity

Cast Chrome Replacement OEM Cylinder Bars

  • OEM style replacement bars for either specialty or standard rotors available

Standard rotor bar kits for 40/60/80 rotors

               Straight bar                                           Helical bar

  • sold by sets and per piece for standard rotors
  • K 4009 kit for 60 Series
  • K 4010 kit for 80 Series
  • high quality caste chrome (impact resistant) excellent wearability
  • same features as OEM bars
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