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Kile Fertilizer Knives & John Deere Weld On Cast Chrome Point Caps & Edges


US Patent #9,854,733 B1, #10,051,778 B2, & US & Canadian Patents Pending




Replacement Knife/Scraper for Case IH 500T Drill



K 5017-LC

Features and benefits:



K 5017-RC

  • Cast Chrome
  • With carbide
  • Longer wear
  • Bolts on as OEM does




K 5017-SLD-L and K5017-SLD-R: Trash Shields for Kile Blades shown above.



K 12 with carbide

Fit JD HZ deep furrow drills






K 311 (C Shank Mounting)

K 311 Complete Chisel Face On Fertilizer Knife-four bolt mounting included, base and knife are made with high tensile steel for strength and extended wear.Cast chrome point (K108) with carbide tip. Stainless steel fertilizer tube(s)(od .404) to apply either liquid or NH3(available with one tube K311 or two tubes K311-2)




K 131 (Cultivator C-Shank Fertilizer Unit)


K 131-1 Complete Cultivator Fertilizer Knife (can be ordered with 2 stainless steel fertilizer tubes-K130/2) Cast chrome fertilizer unit with carbide tip. Fertilizer tube(s)(od .404) can apply either liquid or NH3



John Deere Weld On Cast Chrome Point Caps & Edges


Weld on cast chrome tips and edges to restore worn parts on John Deere Part # N262740 and N962902



K740 CE & CT (for John Deere Part #262740)

K902 CE & CT (for John Deere Part #962902)

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