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Kile® Clear View® Caps (Camoplast®/Camso®* CTS Systems)

Caps are covered by one or more of the following  US & Canadian Patent numbers: #D666,227 #D689,108 #D699,772 #D700,227, #D725,688, #8,684,474 #8,833,872 #8,979,215 #9,120,514 #9,399,369 #9,458,965; #10,215,334; #10,864,953.#2,748,643, #2,794,043   and Patents Pending

Part number: K CP 3777 replace both original Camso® part numbers:

1000169 mid roller hub cap 1000129 Idler hub cap

Caps fits the follwing Camso® CTS systems:
North American Combine Models using OEM 1000129
Model 30T23 & Model 36T23
Model 30-36T23N
Model 30-36Q23M
Using both OEM 1000129 & 1000169
Model 30-36Q23MA
North American Tractor OEM 1000129 & 1000169
Model 24D18C
Front Axle system S/N 988-2013 & later
Model 30-36D22MC & 30-36D23MC
Rear Axle System S/N 991-2013 & later
European Combine Models using OEM 1000129
Model 30T23 S/N 123-2006 to 488-2009 & S/N 489-2009-886-2011 & 2012
Model 36T23 S/N 489-2009 to 886-2012
Model 30-36723A S/N 887-2012 & later
Model 30-36T23N S/N 887-2012 & later
Model 36Q23M S/N 489-2009 to 886-2011
Model 30 36Q23MA S/N 887-2012 & later

Our Kile® Clear View® Caps fit idler and roller hubs. They assist you by giving operators the ability to view and maintain proper oil levels of the idler and roller hubs. Clarity of oil, as well as sufficient oil, can help prevent the replacement and downtime of your equipment due to idler and roller repair.

The benefits of our caps are:

  • Ease of view of oil levels of idler & roller wheel hubs
  • View clarity of oil
  • Scratch resistant
  • UV protected plastic
  • High impact plastic protects against breakage
  • All kits now come complete with plugs
  • Resistant to weather conditions of extreme heat or cold
  • View inside and outside idlers and rollers with ease
  • 5 year pro-rated warranty

View of track with OEM caps View of track with K CP3777 Caps

Oil levels easily viewed from inside and outside the track system

The track system pictured with Kile Clear View K CP3777 caps

K CVC CP3777-20 Kit contents

K CVC CP3777-24 Kit contents

Use only soap and water to clean caps, no solvents (solvents can cause clouding and premature failure of caps. Solvent use will void warranty)

Installation K CVC CP3777-20 Kit
K CVC CP3777-20 Kit.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [455.0 KB]
Installation K CVC CP3777-24 Kit
K CVC CP3777-24 Kit.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [449.0 KB]
* Camoplast® and Camso® are registered trademark names of Camoplast Solideal Inc in Sherbrooke, Quebec Canada J1J2E8
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