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KXF7890 Flight Kits available;specify style of wearplate needed; KXF7890ST(standard edge) or KXF7890NE(narrow edge)

Flight kit components: 2 flights, wearplate kits(containing 2 wearplates with mounting hardware) and mounting hardware for flights.







Kile® K 7890 Impeller Wearplates


For Case IH Combine Models: 8010, 8120, 8230, 8240, 9120, 9230 & 9240


                Available with standard and narrow edge wearplates.


               K7890NEWP  (narrow edge)                 K7890STWP (standard edge)


K7890 wear plate systems features an extended leading edge to intersect more crop for impeller delivery. *Note the added protection of the bolt guard on the impact side of the Kile® K 7890 wear plate


K7890NE Ch (narrow edge chrome applied)


Features and benefits of Kile® wear plates:

K7890 ST CM (cast steel) Standard Edge-for small grains(wheat,barley,etc);corn and beans

K7890NE CM (cast steel) Narrow Edge-for small grains(wheat,barley,etc);corn and green stem beans

K7890NE Ch (cast steel) Narrow Edge Chrome Applied for extended wear-for small grains(wheat,barley,etc);corn and green stem beans


  • Flights are cold-formed to maintain steel strength and integrity
  • Cast steel (CM40 Steel) wear plates for longer wear
  • High performance wear plates for Case IH Class  7, 8 & 9 rotor flights
  • Excellent wearability
  • Improved leading edge for managing crop
  • Available with either standard or narrow edge
  • Narrow edge suitable for green stem beans


  • Wearplate kits include mounting hardware
  • Flight kits -KXF7890- include the wearplate kit and 2 flights with mounting hardware
Installation KXF7890 Flights & Wearplates
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