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 Kile® Rotor Flight® Impellers, Kile® Clear View® Caps, Kile®Transition Plates, Kile® Thresh Bars

Kile Machine & Manufacturing, Inc. designs, engineers, tests, builds and uses the products we manufacture. The quality of our products are important to us, as well as the satisfaction of our customers.

Kile® Rotor Flight® Impellers


40/60 Series                                 80 Series

KXF® 66 or 88 Series  Patent Pending

Kile® Clear View® Caps

              (Kile® Clear View® Caps are covered by one or more of the following US Patent numbers:                              #D666,227 #D689,108 #D699,772 #D700,227 #8,684,474)

Case IH, John Deere T, Versatile Delta Trac, Cat/AGCO Challenger, & Grip Trac

Caps for Case IH STX, Steiger, Rowtrac trac Tractors & replaces OEM 9300 series quad trac caps


STX Idler                           STX Roller                             9300 Idler                         9300 Roller

Replaces OEM caps on John Deere 800T, 8500T, 9000T, 8 & 9RT Tractors and Versatile Delta Trac


          JD 9000 idler                            JD8000 idler                     JD 9800 (RT & Delta Trac) idler

Replaces OEM caps on AGCO MT Cat/Challenger Series Tracked Tractors


MT Idler                                             MT Roller

Replaces OEM caps on Grip Trac Units

Kile® Thresh Bars 

(Thresh bars covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patent numbers

8,087,982; 8,475,247; 8,529,325; 8,602,856)


K 506

  K 505


K 502

See our thresh bar page for other bar options.

Our products are made & manufactured in the USA