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     Kile® Rotor Flight® Impellers, Kile® Clear View® Caps, Kile®Transition Plates, Kile® Thresh Bars, Fertilizer & Tillage Parts

Kile Machine & Manufacturing, Inc. designs, engineers, tests, builds and uses the products we manufacture. The quality of our products are important to us, as well as the satisfaction of our customers.

Kile® Rotor Flight® Impellers

(Kile Rotor Impellers are covered by one or more of US Patents #8,979,623 #9,089,094)


40/60 Series                                 80 Series


KXF® 66 or 88 Series 


   Class 7,8,9 Flagship Combine Wearplates 

Kile® Clear View® Caps

              (Kile® Clear View® Caps are covered by one or more of the following US Patent numbers:                              #D666,227 #D689,108 #D699,772 #D700,227, #D725,688, #8,684,474 #8,833,872 #8,979,215 #9,120,514 #9,399,369)

Case IH, John Deere T,RT & RX, Versatile Delta Trac, Cat/AGCO Challenger, Camso & Grip Trac*

Caps for Case IH STX, Steiger, Rowtrac trac Tractors & replaces OEM 9300 series quad trac caps


STX Idler                           STX Roller                             9300 Idler                         9300 Roller

Replaces OEM caps on John Deere 800T, 8500T, 9000T, 8 & 9RT Tractors and Versatile Delta Trac


          JD 9000 idler                            JD8000 idler                     JD 9800 (RT/RX & Delta Trac) idler

Replaces OEM caps on AGCO MT Cat/Challenger Series Tracked Tractors


MT Idler                                             MT Roller

Replaces OEM caps on Lexion or Claas Tracked Combines

Idler and roller caps                                                        Roller Cap

Delta Track Tractors


Replaces OEM caps on Camso CTS Track Systems


Replaces OEM caps on Grip Trac Units

Kile® Thresh Bars 

(Thresh bars covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patent numbers

8,087,982; 8,475,247; 8,529,325; 8,602,856)


             K 506                               K514 (small tube bar)

See our thresh bar page for other bar options, including carbide tip for rice harvesting.

Kile® Fertilizer Knives


Our products are made & manufactured in the USA

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